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Triaged Health offers the ability to post wait times for any health care service being offered.

Our wait time system provides the tools to calculate and publish wait times whether the time frame is in hours, days, or weeks. For example, the wait time for a walk-in clinic is typical in minutes or hours. There may be services which require an appointment. In this case, the wait time for an appointment may be in days or weeks.

Multiple wait times can be posted for a specific service. For example, you can post how long it takes to get an initial appointment for urgent cases vs. standard cases.

Visitors can see your wait times from any of your profiles, the local wait time rotator on Triaged Health’s homepage, and any other websites or web-based products you may have.

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This feature includes:

  • Tools to calculate and post wait times
  • Multiple types; such as, long-term and short-term
  • Ability to post multiple wait times for one service
  • Wait time widget that can be integrated into any website

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